Web Scraping

Scraping consists of the extraction and automatic manipulation of information on any website, enabling the automation and acceleration of many processes that were previously done by hand, or simply weren’t done at all due to the time they took.

Here at Paraty, we are experts in the creation of tools that use this technology.

Accessible wherever you are

Nowadays, reaction time is what marks the difference between success and failure in a business.

Our solutions are available 24/7 on any mobile device without having to install anything, thanks to our responsive technology.

Tailored to your company’s needs

Every company is a different world and we understand that your requirements vary greatly to those of other clients. As such, we customise our tools so they benefit you as much as possible.

Why choose us?

We can extract information from any website

Our advanced scraping technology allows you to automatically and swiftly access whatever information is available on a website.

We automate your business logic

Not only do we extract information, we then apply business logic to the data in order to make it even more valuable. One example of how we do this is with automatic alerts.

We fit into your systems

We enable automated decisions. This type of solution allows many changes to be carried out automatically in a short space of time: something beyond the capabilities of any manual solution.

Always available

Although the website from which you are extracting information may change or include anti-scraping technology, we promise it will be fully functioning again in less than 48 hours.